Weekly Update

Term 4

Well, here we are, almost at the end of another great year!

We've had a lot of fun in L3 and we'd like to send a big shout out to all those parents, grand-parents, aunties, uncles and everyone who has helped out to make it such an excellent time!

As is the norm for this time of year, there are a lot of events coming up. So please, keep visiting the website to keep up to date with what's going on - and hound those children for notices and forms to return!

Next week is the Year 6 Camp out at Shakespear Regional Park and our year 5's will be embarking on an EOTC experience at the same time, using the school and surrounding community spaces. 

It is going to be a busy and exciting finale to the term, and we are excited about it!

Important dates for 
the End of Year:

Week 7:              
Friday 1st december:
                 - Mufti Day (No Charge) "Dress Like Troy Day" 
                   - Whole School Assembly (Sandra G. Farewell)   10:10am  !!

Week 8:
Monday 4th December 
                - "Carols on the Green Picnic" (@wgp school 6-7.30pm)

Wednesday to Friday 6-8th December
                - Year 6 Camp (Shakespear Park)   More Camp info Here
                  - Year 5 EOTC Week                      

Week 9:
Thursday 14th December
                 - Prizegiving Assemblies: Year 5/6    (1-3pm)
                 - Reports Home

Friday 15th December
                 - Visit new classes
                 - School closes 12.30pm

2018 Dates for Term 1:
                   - February 5 & 7th
                   - Teacher / whanau interviews 

                   - February 8th - First full day back!!

Full End Of Year School 
Events List - 

     Parent Reps for Classes:

Team ORCA - CUP crew

We are a very special bunch of people, we have a passion to succeed and the energy to reach far beyond our means - we have proven we can be the best, reach the top and achieve more than anyone expected.
But we always KNEW we could do it!
That is the winning spirit behind the CUP crew - a new initiative from the PFA to build a team that will do all it takes to succeed, through a unique approach, unconventional thinking, and getting stuck in doing what we love.
Class representatives Uniting Parent Helpers will help create closer ties between parents, teachers and our children. Classes will have a central contact, information will be delivered and teams will be formed to support the school in a fresh, fun and practical new way.

Together we can do anything - It's the Kiwi way! We are recruiting NOW - to sign up, please contact wgppfasecretary@gmail.com 


The Shearer VLC
Performing Arts Evening Video

Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and entertaining break.
This term is going to be a fascinating term as our main focus for inquiry will be looking at Movement, exploring the reasons of how and why people move, in the past, present and also into the future.

For Maths we will be looking at Geometry for our Strand learning and carrying on with our knowledge and strategy development for number. For Geometry will cover position and orientation, including mapping skills, coordinates, direction and describing compass points.

In Literacy we will be continuing to cover our reading strategies for comprehension and writing both narrative and informational texts. We will be looking at how we can integrate our understanding and comprehension of texts to aide our inquiry focus.

For Arts we will be looking at using different mediums to represent ideas and focussing on how art is used to represent the past, present and future. We will be looking at the use of colour, lines and how art can influence other areas of our lives, such as architecture.

In term three our PE/ Health programme will continue around practicing skills of catching, throwing and striking using a variety of sports equipment and applying these skills to game situations. Movement, spatial awareness and being a team player will also be part of the sessions. 

Important dates this week:

Week 8:              Maori Language Week

Wednesday 13th - Book / Reading Day
Thursday 14th - Nth Harbour Rugby day
Friday 15th - Whole school Assembly 2.20pm

Week 9:

Monday 18th - L3,L4,L5 - Museum visit 9am-3pm
Wednesday 20th - Year 6 Speech comp. (1.45 - 2.30)

(Check out the individual subject tabs for updates!)

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